Lifting and Handling

Tirfor winch

Tirfor® machines are portable manual hoists used with maxiflex wire rope. They can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances

Telehandler road brush

The Multi Sweep 725C is the market leader for Irish construction sites. It offers a sweeping performance and reliability that is needed in heavy duty applications.

  • Collects as it sweeps.
  • Quick and easy method of attachment.
  • Permanently on site ready for instant use.
  • Suitable for collecting fine sand, dust, mud, brick or general debris.
  • Power, Gravity of Hydraulic Water System
  • Hydraulic Opening of Debris Container
  • Highly recommended for Building Sites

6m Telehandler

P25.6 UltraCompact Merlo Telehandler.
A brand new, tiny but powerful machine. Only 1.8m wide, yet lifting a very useful 2.5 tonnes. And, with a superb, full-size cab and great visibility! At only 1.8m (71 inches in old money) wide, the P25.6 really is ultra compact.

Kerb lifter machine attachment

Suitable for handling concrete components, prefabricated concrete wall units, steps, kerb stones, natural stones etc.

Standard Specifications:

  • Gripping width adjustment by spring loaded bolt. Bolt can not get lost.
  • Lifting eye for attaching to crane hook.
  • Automatic release for the fully automatic switch over from “full” to “empty”.
  • Exchangeable rubber metal bars as gripping elements.

Manual kerb lifter

The one-sided angular supports which are placed on the kerb stone already in place enable an extremely narrow joint.

  • Grips longitudinally so that it can be used in tightest spaces.
  • No deflection of the plumb line.

All models are equipped with a lifting eye.