Excavator 0.75 Ton

When working in restricted spaces , this variable track width mini excavator is the perfect choice.

weight 855kgs

width 900mm

dig depth 1530mm

Excavator 1.5 Ton

Extremely versatile machine digs to a depth of 2.3m. Being only 1m wide it can be used when space is at a premium.

weight 855kgs,

width 900mm,

dig depth 1530mm

Excavator 3 Ton

This extremely powerful machine will do most site work, but at only 1450mm wide it is narrow enough to manoeuvre in confined spaces.

weight 2800kgs

width 1450mm

dig depth 2890mm

Excavator 5 Ton

Powerful, well balanced site machine,simultaneous operation of cab swing and two digging functions makes this machine an operators choice.

weight 4740kgs

width 1840mm,

dig depth 3810mm

Excavator 8 Ton

This Midi Excavator cab offers outstanding all-day comfort, with the essential machine functions at the operator’s fingertips. These include short-travel joysticks, and a dozer lever with two-speed tracking button. Piped for breakers

weight 8332kgs

width 2300mm

dig depth 4545mm

Excavator 13 Ton

These Excavators balance power and high digging forces with fuel efficiency. Excellent cab design with good all-round visibility keeps your employees comfortable and helps you maintain a safe working environment. Piped for breakers.

weight 13428kgs

width 2490mm

dig depth 5530mm