Drilling & Breaking

14v cordless drill

General purpose drill suitable for most diy type projects, multi speed, 12mm keyless chuck. Can also be used as a driver.

18v cordless drill

Tradesman specification drill heavy duty with hammer function, multi speed, 13mm keyless chuck. Can also be used as a driver.

24v cordless sds drill

24v cordless sds drill

Portable sds hammer power ideal for hard to get to drilling tasks

110v Angle drill

Right-angled drill driver, ideal for working in corners and tight spaces such as between joists.

10mm keyed chuck

Hand held core drill

Heavy duty hand held core drill, 3 speed selection with soft start, water attachment for wet cutting, 40mm to 250mm diameter drilling capacity

12kg weight, 2400w power, 110v input

Coring Rig

coring rig

The DK 22 brings users the well-known Weka technical advantages of 3 speed gearing with optimal lubrication, metal casings and a safety clutch. To this it adds the Intellitronic ‘soft start’ power system with overload prevention and a DC coated, sleeve protected drill spindle, which prevents corrosion and offers high abrasion resistance in use.

Magnetic broach cutter

magnetic broach cutter

Industrial magnetic drill ideal for I-beams and framework. 110v , up to 42mm dia bit.

SDS Hammer Drill

General purpose SDS Plus hammer drill suitable for masonry, brick and concrete

Medium Drill / Breaker

A powerful combi drill, suitable for drilling or breaking masonry, brick and concrete

Heavy Drill / Breaker

A heavy weight combi drill lots of power for the larger breaking and drilling tasks.

Hilti Breaker

An electric concrete breaker for heavy demolition work.It will break concrete slabs up to 150mm deep and has become a firm favourite demolition tool across most construction sites, offering reasonably low weight for high impact capabilities.






Dimensions (HxLxW)


Hammering speed (Blows per minute)

2200 BPM

Beaver Breaker Pack

Suitable for carrying in an estate car or pick-up truck. This is the modern and far more easily accessible alternative to the pneumatic breaker. Suitable for breaking concrete and asphalt up to 300mm thick.

Diesel Breaker Pack

The big brother of the beaver pack with the alternative diesel engine.

Two stroke breaker

Self contained unit , a very powerful unit great for-

  • Breaking concrete
  • Cutting asphalt
  • Tamping an compacting
  • Driving spikes, tubes, poles, ground rods and probes
  • Digging ditches and holes


1.5 ton excavator breaker

Hydraulic breaker attachment to fit our 1.5t excavator.

3 ton excavator breaker

Hydraulic breaker attachment to fit our 3t excavator.

13 ton Excavator Breaker

Massive breaking capabilities this will fit our 13t excavator