Petrol and Electric cement mixer

Mini mixers are available in electric or petrol. With the supplied stand the mini mixer can be tipped straight into a wheel barrow and is narrow enough to pass through a standard doorway.

Product Specification

110v, 240v and Petrol versions

P.E. available including dust masks, goggles, ear defenders, etc

Stand supplied with small mixers

Simple on/off operation and narrow access capabilities

Diesel site mixer

Large capacity mixer for site work and building projects. The tilting drum allows you to load or discharge from either side.

Paddle mixer hand held

Powerful electric mixer, ideal for plaster and thick textured paints. This heavy-duty,hand-held machine makes easy work of most stirring jobs.

Petrol poker

These highly portable units come in their own vibration damped & durable frame and help to eliminate air pockets in wet concrete. This improves adhesion, strength and can reduce shrinkage in new concrete walls, slabs, bases and form work

Product Specification

  • Petrol Powered unit
  • Flex Lengths approx. 5 metres
  • Head diameters from 38 mm – 75 mm

110v poker

Electric poker drives enable maximum flexibility when working with concrete in any situation. With approx 8 metres of flex and easily manageable by one person, this is an ideal unit for small projects or those with awkward access.

Product Specification

  • Various poker head sizes from 38 mm – 75 mm
  • Flex length approx 8 m
  • 110v units

Manual block splitter

The power of a 10 Ton hydraulic piston is multiplied to give over 20 Ton of Slab Splitter force.

More than enough power for use as a concrete Slab Splitter and a cut width of 650mm so all common paving Slabs can be split easily and most importantly without airborne dust. The Health and Safety problems associated with dust and noise, especially in public spaces can be avoided by using a Slab Splitter instead of a disc cutter.

With power like this, almost all masonry products can get the Block Splitter treatment.
Any Masonry or Concrete products that will fit between the blades (235mm) can be split in seconds with no troublesome noise or dust. So from kerb stones to normal block paving the Block Splitter in the alternative to a cut-off saw and diamond blade. Its quicker, safer and easier to use a Hydraulic Block Splitter then to saw especially when the saw depth of cut is limited.